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It seems to be more time...? (audio submission approval)

2010-06-09 15:50:06 by randoinc

A'ight I've uploaded my first audio submission 4 days ago and still nothing. No response for my e-mails and nothing about the approval. mmaybe i guess i will freak out after 1-2 weeks? :-/
"It's a quick process"


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2010-06-09 17:05:57

tarboi is gey!


2010-06-09 18:08:36

It usually takes no more than up to 4 days, but it can take as much as 2 weeks without anything being wrong. If two weeks pass and it´s still not approved/disapproved then try to submit another song, if you DON`T get a "banned" message then you should contact an audio mod (see FAQ) in a calm and respectful manner.